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Roofer Mooresville Nc Roofing Repair Installation DSC00050Ready to take your roof to the next level with a qualified roofer Mooresville NC? Don’t want someone that’s just “qualified”, but you’d like a roofer Mooresville NC who goes above and beyond the call of duty? Are you looking for the best roofer Mooresville NC you can find? Of course you are! You don’t go to a doctor’s office and accept someone who’s “okay” at their job. You want someone that’s great right?

That’s why you should definitely work with Philco Roofing and Remodeling to get your project done by the best team out there. Between Google, Homeadvisor and Angie’s List, we have over 100, 5-star reviews about our service. We also provide several referrals for their personal experience following our step-by-step process. We love being the team that consistently goes above and beyond what people expect. What should you expect from a roofer Mooresville NC though? What are some solid standards you need to have when hiring a roofer Mooresville NC?

Roofer Mooresville NC | Roofing Repair & Installation

Three Things to Expect When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Adhering to a Specific Schedule

Too many customers fall victim to a contractor that doesn’t take serious efforts to keep a tight schedule. In fact, we would argue most people don’t keep great calendars. You’ll see the evidence of a contractor that doesn’t keep a great calendar when they say that they’ll “try to get out to your home.” “Try” just means that it likely won’t happen. If the contractor gives you a specific appointment time to visit your property, that’s a good sign.

That’s what you will expect with Philco Roofing & Remodeling. Whenever you give us a call, you will get to experience specific, scheduled appointments for all meetings. Need us to visit your roof for an inspection? Or how about to come back because there’s something wrong with the roof we installed? In both these cases, we’ll make sure to provide you the timely service you need.

Not only will we arrive on time, all the time, but we take great lengths to make sure projects are done as scheduled. It’s infuriating when construction projects take longer than expected. Have you ever seen road repairs take absolutely forever to do? You know how the road construction sign says they’ll be done in Spring 2019, and they just finished in Winter 2019? Road construction crews are not the only contractors who are optimistic about their timelines. Any contractor in any industry falls prey to lofty deadlines. With Philco Roofing and Remodeling, our crew that’s been running strong for nine years knows how important it is to finish projects on time. They’ve seen the consequences of projects that drag on and none of those results are positive.


Options to Fit Your Budget

Customers often ask for a price upfront with the work. While we would love to give you a price for what to expect, the estimated price ranges significantly until we visit the home and write up an estimate. It just wouldn’t make sense for us to claim a price without actually seeing the job. Contractors love to give a “ballpark” price though! As a result, the customer is scared by the too large “ballpark” price and shops around to someone else.

If you are one of those customers that ask for a “ballpark” price, just imagine if a doctor told you before the appointment how expense the treatment will be. How can he give you an accurate price without doing any diagnostic work? It works the same way with a roofer Mooresville NC, plumber, chiropractor or personal trainer. If you want expert service and confident prices to solve your problems, then the contractor will need to get on the roof, take photos of the damage and use his estimating tools to come up with an accurate number. Then from there, you’ll be able to use your insurance or appropriately accommodate to the issue.

What if the ticket price is a little too much and you need some options? That’s why when you hire a roofer Mooresville NC from Philco Roofing & Remodeling, you’ll be working with a contractor that only wants to give you accurate prices. And if they give you a price, it’ll be heavily premised with a range or clarifications that it’s a “ballpark” price and likely won’t be accurate. Once we nail down a price to fix up the roof, we can then negotiate for a price for more optimal, affordable options if you can get the insurance to cover it all.


Legitimate Customer Service

What do you expect in customer service from a roofer Mooresville NC? Furthermore, what customer service do you expect to receive from a normal business? You probably want a smiling face. It’s easier to work with someone when they give a smile and reasonably enjoy the work they do. They don’t necessarily need to be passionate about roofs, but they just need to put on a good face and treat you with respect right?

On top of that, they should likely be able to clearly explain the pathway for you. What kind of timetable should you expect from the repairs on your roof? How should I communicate with my insurance company about roof repair? What’s the difference between using different shingles? How does the customer know whether the roofer Mooresville NC is a scammer or not? All of these questions are valid concerns that everyone has and they need explaining.

At Philco Roofing and Remodeling, we pride ourselves in being able to knowledgeably lead you smoothly to your repaired roof. No hassles, no infrequent follow-ups, and no headaches! You have enough headaches from your own life! So get yourself psyched to work with a roofer Mooresville NC that’s totally ready to provide you with success. To get started, give us a call today or simply fill out a form for one of our team members to reach you!