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  • On-Time Guarantee with Projects 

  • Free Upgraded Manufacturer Warranty

  • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty

  • Same, Trusted Crew for over a Decade 

  • Same-Day Response to Issues & Inquiries

About Phillip


Phillip Gilmore is the proud owner of Philco Roofing & Remodeling Inc. He has been in the contracting world for over 27 years and he won’t be stopping any time soon! His greatest priority with the business is to ensure that you are left 100% satisfied with each roofing or remodeling project. Give us a call today and we’ll happily send out Phillip or any of our other representatives to solve your needs!


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Why You Should Trust Philco Over Other North Carolina Roofing Companies

Hiring a roofer Mooresville NC is similar to hiring other contractors. You have lots of options available to you for work. By simply Googling for the services, you’ll likely pull up over a hundred different companies in your area. In large, metroplexes, you’ll find thousands of different companies to choose from. So just by the sheer volume of choices to pick from, this can be a frustrating decision.

What’s truly frustrating is how widely the quality of these companies vary. You might call one company and the guy you work with will be fantastic. Then the next company on the list will have a guy who’s absolutely annoying. He or she may just be in a bad mood, but that’s the point. Truly professional companies will serve great work on a repeated, regular basis. They’ll show up when they say they’ll show up and provide verification for the credentials. They will have evidence online that clearly illustrates they are a professional company.

What Helps Philco Roofing Stand Out?

This is what our roofer Mooresville NC company brings to the table. At Philco Roofing, led by the great Phillip Gilmore, our team has served this area for decades now. In the cities of Mooresville and all throughout the Lake Norman region, we’ve become a top company. So if you need a roofing contractor that’ll actually get the job done in a timely manner, without tons of headaches, then give us a call today or fill out the contact form on our website.

We Always Make Our Appointments

One thing you’ll be sure to know, is that we always look to keep our appointments. We’ve gone through the frustration of hiring a telephone network company or a plumbing company. When they show up 30 minutes late to an appointment, especially without communicating to us that there’s an issue, it makes our blood boil. We just scheduled time in our day to be with the service specialist to fix up the work. Now the specialist says that he won’t be the for the next hour? We have things to do!

At Philco Roofing, we clearly understand that this is a huge aggravation. That’s why you’ll know that we’re committed to sending confirmations for our appointments and actually showing up on time. That alone has won us jobs and helps us stand out from the pack. Our roofer Mooresville NC won’t be late!

20 Year Manufacturer Warranties

Now on our construction projects, we’ve seen plenty of things go wrong on roofs. With our competitors, we’ve seen people leave loose shingles or rotting wood on the roof. This kind of behavior and lack of detail is unacceptable. You need to understand that our workers have been trained to know exactly how to provide work that ensures great quality over the long haul.

That’s why at Philco Roofing, our roofer Mooresville NC team will recommend products that last you up to 20 years in warranties. These are some of the best materials in the business for your roofs and installing these bad boys will keep your home protected from all the Mother Nature throws at you! If you go any less, we can’t say that the warranties will be so nice. What we can say is that you’ll at least get great warranties and security that your roof will last a long while.


10 Year Roofer Mooresville NC Workmanship Warranties

Not only are the materials great, but the crew you hire will do a great job too. Our crew has been together for over a decade now and they haven’t show any signs that they’ll stop working. They enjoy this region and like the stability of good roofer Mooresville NC projects. Know that when you sign up for projects with our team, the work is backed by a 10 year labor warranty. So over the next several years, if someone didn’t do their job correctly and your roof needs to be fixed, then we’ll come over and just take care of it!

Great Roofer Mooresville NC Reviews

Above all else, you can go online right now and verify that our work truly does speak volumes! You’ll be able to find over 50, 5-star reviews from real customers about our work. It’s truly amazing how many people have shared their sentiments online about the very things we’ve discussed here. Not every company roofer Mooresville NC company can say they have this many fans. In fact, most of these roofers only have a few, if any reviews, on their business profile on Google.

So again, you really need to go with us for your roofing installation and repair needs. It’s the easy, safe bet so just give us a call today.