Need to recreate your home today? There’s a lot you can do with your place. You may have bought your home years before and it was the dream house at the time. After wear, tear, and repair over several years, the charm has really worn off. You see your neighbors making additions, renovations and spicing up the property. It’s time for you to keep up with the time too! Get rid of those old carpet walls from the ’70s and install awesome, granite countertops!

Work with Philco Roofing and Remodeling to not only get a great roofing project completed, but also a remodeling project done. You’ll get the same, great experience with our roofer Mooresville NC contractors with our remodeling guys. Even if you decide to choose somebody else, we want you to be educated to look for the right contractor. Whether it’s with a roofer Mooresville NC or a remodeling expert, make sure to watch for three areas of concern.

Three Things to Consider When Hiring a Remodeler


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Ask for Reviews and References to Work

There are a lot more guys than you think that are simply ‘chucks in their trucks.” What do we mean by a chuck in their truck? This contractor is the kind of guy that runs their business out of their truck. They’ve got a few tools, but they are likely just getting into the business. That means they will happily give you the cheapest prices possible to win over your business. We’ve all been at this spot with our businesses. Everybody starts somewhere!

With your home remodel though, would you be a lot more secure with the work if you had an experienced contractor who’s managed their own business for several years now? Would it also help if they had plenty of great reviews and references to back up their work? Not just phone numbers and reviews online, but they had tons of great photos of finished projects? These are the things you would expect from a great remodeling company correct?

Then why settle for someone who isn’t enthusiastic about their value? If you were to ask business owners of these companies why they are a better choice than the other guys, they couldn’t give you a straight answer. You’ll find on our About Us page all the details about why Philco Roofing and Remodeling does a phenomenal job as a roofer Mooresville NC and remodeler. We can prove this too with tons of photos online of our work, great reviews on Google and specific references for you to call!

It’s so reassuring to know that there’s a contractor out there that provides tons of testimonials and reviews to back up their claims of being a remarkable company. We see too many contractors who say that they bring “integrity” and “great customer service” with their work. How can you really validate this? Giving them a shot at a $10,000 remodel is not a safe way to prove their worth. Always look for great reviews and references to validate their expertise.

Make Sure They Stick to the Budget

For a remodeling project, it’s not uncommon to dive into $100,000 or more of work. For larger homes, it’s a grand endeavor to reshape and size the home. Even for a smaller scale remodel, this is still a big expense! While each project will be a little bit different, it’s always good to ask the remodeler about what options they have available. How can they cut down the price tag more?

You want to work with a remodeler that wants to fit within your budget. For example, if you got an estimate for $20,000 in your new remodel, that might be slightly outside your budget. If your budget was $16,000, work with a contractor who’s willing to make adjustments to give you an awesome project, but accommodate your needs. The business owner still has to make money on the project, but they should be able to provide alternative materials to take it down to what you want to do.

Even more important than the initial price is the follow-through to stay in the price. Too often, we hear of contractors claiming a price at the front end and blaming “unforeseen circumstances” to boost the price by 25%. How annoying is that?? If you had a $20,000 project, that means they would boost the ticket price an additional $5,000 because of poor planning. Things go wrong and we get that, but that’s part of the business and it shouldn’t be your responsibility to pay for it. You don’t have to pay for the extra Starbucks drink because they messed up on the order?

Ask About Their Communication

Wouldn’t you like to get updates from your contractor on the progress of your project? It helps give you ease that things are happening right? Well at Philco Roofing and Remodeling, we are great about following up with our clients and updating them to the progress we make. We find that the best client relationships were made through transparency in the work. Clients love that they are never curious about when it will be done and what’s happening.

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What Kind of Remodels Do We Do?


Bathroom Remodels

Need to revamp your bathroom space? Tired of being cramped in your shower each morning? Would you enjoy having a walk-in closet? These are the exact things we’re able to provide for your next bathroom remodel!

Kitchen Remodels

Need more working space to create the elaborate Thanksgiving spread? Is your kitchen area outdated and needing a whole new redesign? Are you wanting to make adjustments, but don’t really know where to start? With Philco Roofing and Remodeling, we’re able to help to the hassle out of your hectic kitchen space!


Feel a little tight in your living space and your family just added a new member? Looking to stretch out that pantry space to accommodate more food? Want to give your dancing space to throw great parties at your home? Then look no further because Philco Roofing is able to solve these issues very quickly!

Outdoor Remodeling

Wouldn’t expanding on your property be a fabulous thing? Work with Philco Roofing & Remodeling to customize your outdoor living space!