Roofer Mooresville NC

Why Philco is a Great Roofer Mooresville NC Company

You’ve got a lot of roofers you could choose from. It can be a highly lucrative, rewarding industry to work with. You go out, sell the job, have sub-contractors do the work and then you get a sizable profit margin to build your own wealth. In the business world, it’s pretty well understood that roofing can be a lucrative business to dive into. The problem is when there are a lot of competitors and people vying for the chance to earn your business, it can be harder to know who’s actually good. Plus, with more options comes more variation on the skill of the services.

This leaves customers in a state of uncertainty. If a roofer Mooresville NC can’t be easily trusted, then how should they choose the right roofer? What are the signs and indicators of a good roofing company? Well if you want to find a great example of a roofing contractor that’s been able to satisfy plenty of customers, you can find one with Philco Roofing today. They’ve got trained sales specialists that are there to help meet your needs first. We’ll work with insurance companies and get you solutions that provide the most bang for your buck. To get set up with a roof inspection, just give us a call at your earliest convenience or fill out a form for us to follow up with you. Here’s more about how we stand out from the pack:


We Actually Keep Appointments and Schedules

Isn’t it frustrating when a roofer Mooresville NC doesn’t keep their appointment? Wouldn’t it be annoying if you had a scheduled appointment at the doctors’ office and they weren’t there because they had an “extended lunch break.” It drives people internally crazy when others are late.

Understand that with Philco Roofing, we’ve experienced the same grievances and don’t want to be a sore spot in your life. That’s why we schedule specific appointments every single time and give confirmations to customers when we’re about to arrive. Then for the progress of the job, we’re also scheduled about each phase. We’ll avidly communicate the expectations of the job and inform you about any changes on timelines. By quickly and clearly communicating what the details are, you’ll be much more prepared and educated on the steps. You’ll have much more confidence that we’ll adequately take care of the roofing project.

Plenty of Warranties on Work We’re also very confident that our roofer Mooresville NC team will actually get the job done immensely well. It’s a crew of people that we’ve had for over a decade now and they’ve stuck together to really gel well. Some members have come and gone, but the key people have stayed to maintain excellence with each project. That’s why we’re able to provide as much as a 10 year warranty on all our workmanship of the job! That means if anything goes wrong six years down the road based on our work, we’ll come out and take care of it!

Then with our materials, we only want to utilize the best that’s available. Because with the better materials, the better your roof will actually hold up. So when our roofer Mooresville NC team gets out there to do work, they will confidently put up roofs that last multiple decades. In fact, our material warranties can go up to 20 years, based on the quality of materials you decide to purchase for your roof.


Great Ratings and Reviews

Last, and certainly not least, our roofer Mooresville NC team has great ratings and reviews online. If you simply go and Google our business, you’ll find plenty of people (more than fifty people) leave us 5-star ratings on our work. They will talk about how our team was so professional on the job. They talk about being repeat customers, using our company multiple times for different properties they own. There’s plenty of good things they will remark about, which really makes us proud.

So again, if you need a qualified roofer Mooresville NC team that understands what it takes to provide legitimate, great results for work, then go ahead and schedule a time with one of our team members today! We’d be thrilled to help you get your roof in tip top shape in no time.


What Does our Roofer Mooresville NC Process Look Like?

Well it’s a fairly simple process to work with us. It starts with a phone call to figure out whether or not we’ll be a good fit. While we want to help out as many people as possible, there are just some customers that we can’t be the best help for. Some customers call us that is an hour outside of our main office and that can be a big hassle. There are also customers who have lofty expectations about what the process looks like in general.

After hearing about some of the initial details, we’ll be sure to send a roofer Mooresville NC out there in a jiffy. They will take an inspection of your roof and even discuss other helpful options for your property. Did you know we do more than roofing projects? You can ask our team about everything we offer to great homeowners like yourself.

After we’ve confirmed the details, we’ll talk to the insurance adjuster about what the company is willing to provide to us. Then will go back to the customer and talk about how much money we have available for the job. We’ve gotten very adept at getting the best amount of money possible for your property. Once all the details are signed off on, then it’s time for our crew to get out there! Typically it only takes a day, but due to weather and other circumstances, it could take longer. We’ll be sure to set the details on what will happen.